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We are U-Explore. Bridging the gap between education and employment.

Careers Guidance


U-Explore National Careers Platform

The independent and impartial careers platform providing a truly holistic work-related learning experience. With staff access to the Management Suite, enabling student tracking.

Careers Advisors

U-Explore provides careers advisors with a difference. Our expertise, teaching experience and understanding of how to deliver effective CEIAG in a variety of environments combines to offer schools an excellent service they have complete control of.

Training and

Whether it is CPD for staff or in-depth school improvement consultation with the senior leadership team, our expert consultants can ensure that schools are fully supported to deliver a CEIAG programme that meets the needs of their learners.


Launching in early 2014, the U-Explore Pathways Tracker will give schools complete control over the data generated via interventions with their learners.


Training & Development

Our work isn't just limited to our products, we've helped many organisations realise their information & training dreams with bespoke solutions from U-Explore.

Join our network!

We have a growing network of professionals who are helping us to focus our impact in selected areas of the UK. Would you like to become one of our Approved Preferred Suppliers, or one of our Everything Connects Guidance Professionals? Click on the link below to find out how you could represent U-Explore in your area.